Willa Kammerer is a multimedia storyteller—telling stories in video, narrative, and web pixels—based in New York City, and occasionally Maine. Willa works with a wide range of clients and industries, from tech to adventure travel, education to online advertising. She has traveled the world from Colombia to Ethiopia interviewing scientists and CEOs, college students and salty fishermen (and has no plans to stop). A fast learner and comfortable in many worlds, Willa is expert not only in knowing the questions to ask to clarify and distill messaging, but has a unique sensibility for the underlying emotion of stories, for capturing the beyond-a-bullet-point “heart” element that imbues stories with meaning and compels viewers to care. 

Willa works one-on-one with her clients to find, refine, and tell their stories in a way that is eloquent, genuine and compelling. Willa’s projects are diverse and wide-ranging. Depending on the needs and scope of each individual project, Willa works both independently and with a handful of trusted partners—cinematographers, photographers, animators, illustrators, and web designers—to bring her clients’ visions to life. She also consults on brand messaging, storytelling, multimedia campaigns and implementation, and media projects. 

A graduate of Middlebury College, Willa studied the craft of aural storytelling at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and had a brief career as a public radio producer prior to launching her multimedia business. Willa is entrepreneurial, driven, and loves to connect-the-dots. She recently built and launched a lifestyle website—Weeya b.—as an exercise in authentic storytelling and lifestyle design, and is always on the lookout for new collaborations and creative and business opportunities. 


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