XPOSTX | Firestarter Interactive | Looking back, looking forward

I came to Deer Isle, Mainewhere I now stand (at my standing desk), writingback in September seeking light and space, nature, beauty, inspiration, and openness for creative ideas to unfold. I've found many of those things, but I've also discovered unexpected challenges: the unromantic reality of the 8+ hour drive between here and my other home base in Manhattan, negotiating the logistics of a semi long-distance relationship, and the unsettled feeling of not living fully in either place. But I've really been working on the practice of reflection and feeling grateful; on flip side of each of these challenges is something wonderful: the good fortune to have the flexibility to call more than one place home (and Manhattan and Deer Isle are two majestic places, at that), the joy of love, and the unexpected insights from the whiplash between the two places that would not otherwise arise. 

On the theme of light, space, and beautywishes from here, for you, in 2015 and beyondhere are some photographs from recent days and weeks on Deer Isle, which runs from tip to tip just about the length of Manhattan. 

As we step into 2015, I'd also like to inaugurate a new ritual, the posting of quotes or phrases on Instagram, to be collected on the Firestarter website. Here's one note to start, which has been posted on my makeshift desk on Deer Isle, reminding me to focus on the important things amidst the transitions. If you have a favorite quote or phrase that you'd like to be featured, please mention in the commentswe'd love to include it, and credit you! 

I'm grateful for the many gifts of 2014including the inception of Firestarterand excited for all the beauty, insight, inspiration, and collaboration that lies ahead in the New Year. Wishing you a warm, happy, and healthy ringing in of 2015!