Evolution in Pixels [reflections on the new willakammerer.com]


I think I’ve always been exploring multimedia storytelling in some form or another—using photography, collage, paint, objects, words, nature, audio, web pixels, and video as my building blocks. I’ve learned so much about different mediums and playing with their overlap simply by doing. Web design and coding (on the most basic level) is one of these self-taught mediums, and one I find to be such a fascinating way to tell a story both visually and narratively.  

My first online foray was in the form of a blog twigs + string, launched back during my intern days at New Hampshire Public Radio. For me, ‘twigs’ and ‘string’ represented the rudimentary building blocks of multimedia, disparate and simple elements that—as in a bird’s nest—are layered and woven together to create a beautiful and cohesive whole. 

The next iteration was my former website, which served me well for more than three years, accompanying me from Portland, Maine to New York City, which I now call home. I’ll forever be grateful for the career it helped me define and connections it afforded me just as I was starting out, and beyond. A special thanks to Might & Main (then Forge) who took me on as one of their first clients and built the site; it’s been fun to watch their own growth and evolution in the years since!

Several months ago, I built and launched a lifestyle design website and blog, Weeya b., as the more colorful, playful, and foodie counterpart of willakammerer.com. The site felt so fresh to me compared with my old multimedia site; I felt so close to it because I’d created it myself. This launch quickly led to the revelation that I needed to get my hands dirty with more web pixels and build a new willakammerer.com, as well, one that felt like an accurate and authentic representation of my storytelling work in this place and at this moment. Back in December, I launched, and am excited to continue to craft the story in pixels!