Torey Penrod-Cambra, Marketing Communications Manager | Kepware Technologies
We came to Willa Kammerer as a company of technically-focused engineers and asked her to tell our story. The exercise forced us to think, "Who are we? And why should it matter to our customers and partners?" Willa revealed our company values and culture through a series of expertly-directed, candid interviews with our leadership and staff. She lead us through the process of editing. She clarified our messaging. She was thoughtful, timely, professional, and kind. And Willa delivered our story, genuinely told through our people, with a focus on what matters for the customers we serve. But ultimately Willa did more than help us tell our story: she helped us find our voice. I highly recommend Willa Kammerer as a multimedia storyteller, and look forward to working with her again. 


Angela Schaeffer, Director / Rob White, Deputy Director | Office of Communications, Williams College 
Willa is a deft and powerful storyteller whose videos for Williams have captivated prospective students, inspired prospective donors, and educated thousands about our college’s character, history, and aspirations. She’s also wonderful to work with—highly responsive to our input, resourceful with time and material, and relentlessly cheerful. 


Andy Graham, Senior Consultant | Creative PortlandDesigntex Surface Imaging
The process of working with Willa was collaborative, but even more impressive was her ability to take my small idea and create a finished product that realized just what I intended. Willa's blend of strength, self-confidence, and humility made her a perfect partner, and her charm and honesty drive the success of her interviews.


Jessica Bailey, Project Manager | NOAA Voices from the Fisheries Project
We hired Willa to be our Multimedia Project Developer for the Voices from the Fisheries Project because she understood the what and the why of our project. Our objective was to create multimedia exhibits which would bring the voices in our collection to life for visitors to our website. We had only a basic idea of what we wanted the final product to look like and were searching for a collaborator who could guide us as through our project.  Willa was the perfect choice as her experience and expertise provided us with both compelling multimedia stories and a great design and a template for our project moving forward. The exhibits were very well received and are featured prominently on our home page.  We loved working with Willa and loved the final product so much we hired her a second time when we received additional funding.  We highly recommend working with Willa as she is the ideal collaborator.