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I’m a digital media entrepreneur and storyteller in many mediums,
traveler, wellness warrior and nature girl. 

I believe... 

: in ideas and self improvement, human potential, and dreaming and doing big things. 

: in collaboration and connecting the dots, the power of network and the magic of synergy. 

: in heart, authenticity, and beauty. 

: that together individuals and brands can change the world, and that it’s my raison d'etre to live and share those stories. 

I split my time between Manhattan and coastal Rhode Island and travel often. 

Along with my growing team—Firestarter Interactive, a curated collective of cinematographers, photographers, animators, illustrators, web designers, and social media gurus—I create brand storytelling videos and large-scale media projects.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your vision, I’d love to work with you.